Thursday, April 25, 2013

Being Jim Carrey

"Man, you look like Jim Carrey!".
"Wow, you're so like Jim Carrey!"
"That's a Jim Carrey face!"

All of those who like making faces must have been told, at least once or twice in their life, that they look like Jim Carrey. There are those, instead, who go beyond simply making faces: they build their whole personality around it.  
They spend hours in front of the mirror. They observe themselves and study every single facial line they have. Then, they decide which ones are assets and which ones are just and simply wrinkles.

So, the DeNiro type will gather most of their lines on their forehead and between their eyebrows. The Eastwood type works off frowns and crow's feet. Should we even discuss Jack Nicholson's sharky eyebrows?
There's, then, the Jim Carrey type. The Jim Carrey type gathers the DeNiro, the Clint Eastwood, the Jack Nicholson, the James Dean types and all the other known types, either famous or unknown.

If making faces, either for entertaining purposes or for the mere sake of it, has always been your cup of tea, you must find it particularly annoying to be told "You look like Jim Carrey".

You can try lifting your eyebrow looking sideways as you do: Jim Carrey has done that in The Mask.
Try smiling and stretching the corners of your mouth into a sideline, propping your upper neck slightly forward: that's Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura.
Raise the corners of your eyebrows and turn up your scleras pretending you're frozen-dead: ok, that's Jack Nicholson in The Shining, I'll give you that.
Wrap tape around your face: that's Jim Carrey in Yes Man!
Enhance a relief smile while peeing: Jim Carrey did that in Dumb and Dumber.
Pretend throwing up after you saw something gross or disgusting: again Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.
Mouth a conversation on the phone: Jim Carrey in Yes Man!
Hide your arms into your T-shirt sleeves: Jim Carrey.
Overlap someone who's talking to you: Jim Carrey.
Jim Carrey Jim Carrey Jim Carrey.

No matter what face you make: you will always, always, always look like Jim Carrey.
Whatever face you come up with, Jim Carrey made it first.



  1. Okay this is tought but putting my thinking cap on what about gender-bending faces? I'm thinking about something called 'vogueing' I read about some years ago. Interesting way to spend the time.

  2. Jim hasn't quite done it all - he's never played a skinny, speccy, balding Englishman. That's me. But he probably could. Not as well as me, though.....
    Nice post!

  3. And I'm willing to bet Steve Carell has heard every possible Jim Carrey comparison in the book. As awesome as he is, he had his work cut out for him -- breaking out of the shadows of Mr. Carrey to become his own man, and he's done it (very well, I might add). People are forever telling one of my close friends that he's the next Jim Carrey. If I could make even one of his faces, it's a compliment that I would gladly take.

    Enjoyed the post!


  4. Not a patch on the good ol silent film stars though! LOL! Like Laurel and Hardy!!! Take care