Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Blogging gave many of us the chance to say what we wanted to say. We can't publish a book, although some of us actually can and did; so, we blog. And we actually do have an audience.

When we get fifty or sixty people visiting our blog every day, when our posts are read by four or five-hundred people from all over the world, that's actually an audience, isn't it? And an awfully large one if we consider that, after all, we're no Dan Brown, no Ken Follett, no Don DeLillo, at least for now.

Why do we blog? Are our posts linked the one with the other? Blogger advertises the possibility of making our blog into a book. Would that book contain a selection of articles casually stitched together, with no apparent connection, or is there a thread that ties them? Are they the continuous flow of our thoughts, with digressions, breaks and intermissions, but each of them taking one and the same direction? Or maybe they are an association experiment? Maybe they are the random put-into-thought of scattered emotions, maybe a way to tackle our everyday boredom... Maybe - and this is the most tantalizing idea of all - there is a higher scope that transcends the act of blogging itself?

What is it?
Why do we blog?
Would you like to share?   



  1. I blog for various reasons. Discipline is one. I believe you can write about anything if you put your mind to it, and in doing so you also hone your 'voice'.

    Ref how you would turn it into a book I imagine mine would fit into three very slim volumes. Way back it began as 'Family History' starting from 1870 and taking me up to me leaving university. Then there's a sizable section on my journey across America. And finally there are the random baffled thoughts - a very poor man's Montaigne : )

    One thing it's not is a 'platform'. You can't sustain a blog very long if that is your only motive.

  2. I agree with Mike above about the discipline. You gain a real "stick-to-it-iveness" with weekly or bi-weekly postings.

    For me, it's a way of expressing who I am in a way I can't amongst my family, friends and colleagues, or even my other writing.

    It also acts as an advertisement and brochure!

  3. I blog because I love to write. It's very simple, really. :)

  4. I've always liked to write, but it was something that ended up in notebooks read by few if any others. Blogging changes that. Now I can experiment with my writing and bounce it off of readers to see what the reaction is. I can also connect with others and exchange ideas. Also the discipline is a great aspect--now I'm writing on a regular schedule. It's almost like being in college again!

    I've thought about compiling by blog writings into a book. Not everything, but I might consider taking certain themed pieces and then adding additional material to those to create a cohesive work. Not sure that I'd just go the "turn your blog into a book" route--seems limiting and rather expensive.

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  5. I haven't been consistent about blogging this past year for various reasons, but I still do it. I like the writing community, and I feel energized by the people. When I'm actively reading blogs and I attend a conference, I feel more up on the market and other current issues fellow bloggers have been discussing. Also, I've met friends through blogs! For example, one really cool blogger won a book at my blog, and we realized we were in the same SCBWI region when she sent her address. Now we're close buddies!

    I started blogging when I did because an agent suggested I start sooner rather than later, but so many other things keep me going--less frequently for now, but still going. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. the only reason I blog because I love to write. I know there wouldn't be a chance for me to write a book or something. And you are so right - we can't write a book, but we blog ! At least people out there are reading my piece of work that I've been writing.

  7. I blog because I think it's essential to be connected to other people who have the same passions as we do. Writing can be a very lonely profession, and having support from other writers can make or break you! :D

  8. Social media over the ether is just amazing! People are more accessible, people feel free-er to express themselves and yet such things are just addictive!

    My original reason for blogging was to connect with other cat/pet owners! Seriously! My then kitty was dying and it was a situation no-one in my immediate sphere truly undertsood. So I created a blog like a kind of SOS to those who empathised. And et voila!! There they were - all over the world! And a kind comment here and there helped me through the trauma.

    These days I am loving the creativity and creative outlets of bloggie pals! There is some amazing talent out there! And also because I am very nosy and like a good gossip too!

    Take care

  9. For me, blogging is meditative. Thinking out loud, but with the added pleasure of the images and links that can be drawn in, to make the whole thing 3D, traveling to other places on the Net and back and forth in time. I also love it when people tell me they have found solace or inspiration or quiet pleasure in visiting my blog. I'm glad that others find it as I do, a little oasis in the desert of daily "strife." A moment when we don't have to be rushing around.

  10. Hi Jay,
    It's great to see that you are still keeping your blog up - your posts are always so thought-provoking. I think that for many, blogging is a way of reflecting and the fact that others may read it is secondary. I believe it's an amazing creative output, and coming across people to interact with (like yourself) has been amazing, as the comments of others can take you off in unexpected directions..it's fantastic to have others to 'bounce off'.
    I've decided to start a new blog, which I hope will act as a useful online resource for anyone interesting in 'creative polymathy' - it's predominantly going to be talking about actors who also do others things such as write, direct etc.
    I've found your comments really helpful in the past, so I do hope you will 'follow' me in this new venture and spread the word!
    Twitter: @creativechamel