Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Blogging gave many of us the chance to say what we wanted to say. We can't publish a book, although some of us actually can and did; so, we blog. And we actually do have an audience.

When we get fifty or sixty people visiting our blog every day, when our posts are read by four or five-hundred people from all over the world, that's actually an audience, isn't it? And an awfully large one if we consider that, after all, we're no Dan Brown, no Ken Follett, no Don DeLillo, at least for now.

Why do we blog? Are our posts linked the one with the other? Blogger advertises the possibility of making our blog into a book. Would that book contain a selection of articles casually stitched together, with no apparent connection, or is there a thread that ties them? Are they the continuous flow of our thoughts, with digressions, breaks and intermissions, but each of them taking one and the same direction? Or maybe they are an association experiment? Maybe they are the random put-into-thought of scattered emotions, maybe a way to tackle our everyday boredom... Maybe - and this is the most tantalizing idea of all - there is a higher scope that transcends the act of blogging itself?

What is it?
Why do we blog?
Would you like to share?