Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Radio Gu Gu

Winter 2009


It's winter fall. Skies acquire deeper hues and the atmosphere seems to be more rarefied.
Walking down the street, everyone huddles up in their woolen clothes, hands tucked in their coat pockets and letting nothing in, neither the cold nor other people's glances.
You can try and walk to Times Square, but it feels even lonelier, no matter how packed it is.
Back home at sunset, you take a pan out of the upper cabinet and start cooking, for which you have no stomach whatever.
Winter 2009
It's human contact you need, you need to feel you're part of a warmer universe.

When I feel this way, I turn to my pal of old: the radio.
Not any station will do; it has to be talk radio. Magically, the world is now spinning around me and I'm its pivoting point.
Suddenly, from the solitude of home, it brings bits of world inside: headlines, cultural, literal, and musical novelties (two weeks ago I discovered the vibrant voice of Irish singer-songwriter Adrian Crowley), weather forecast, facts, songs, telephone calls, questions, answers, interviews, readings, dialogues, and acting.

Not any talk radio will do.
My radios are BBC Radio from Great Britain and Radio3 from Italy. BBC has two of the best stations ever, BBC Radio1 (I'm particularly fond of Scott Mills' prank calls, among the other things) and BBC Radio4, one of the best cultural radio stations in Europe. The Italian Radio3 is instead, to me, the best cultural radio station I ever listened to. I also listen to 77WABC (New York City), but just very rarely.

Live talk radio is what helps me fight loneliness, although not the only thing (I have one or two persons in mind too).
It is where, to me, inspiration and ideas gather, and where we can find some of the finest improvisers.

How do you fight loneliness?
Which are your favorite radio stations? 



  1. I have never been particularly fond of talk radio, but I have only listened to a little NPR. I'm sure we don't have the variety of stations here that you do either. I love the morning show on the local Orlando station 105.1. News, comedy and music.
    I hang out with my dog if I am lonely

  2. I wake up to Radio 4 and go to sleep with it. Bit of a news junkie. When I was in America I enjoyed public radio - as well as the novelty of U.S music stations. Ref Radio 1 - I'd suggest giving Radio 6 a try. The music is better.

  3. When I lived in Miami, I used to listen to NPR (National Public Radio). Nowadays, radio is no longer part of my life since my lifestyle has changed dramatically. However, I do listen to my favorite CDs when I am nostalgic. I read a good book when I am bored. I meet with good friends to fight loneliness ;)
    As always, nice post, Jay.

  4. I never listen to talk radio! Funny. The rest of my family does and they love it. Maybe I'll be converted one of these days ;) And lovely post---really beautiful writing up there.

    ...and I'm LAUGHING at the comment you made on my blog... Soooooo funny! :D

  5. What a fabulous post! As the days start to get darker and colder I feel more lonely. I haven't ever tried listening to talk radio- just music. After reading this post- I look forward to giving talk radio a try- especially in the darker days on winter. I usually try to connect to a friend or two that help me to shake my lonely mood.

  6. Hey, Jay,

    Talk radio has never been a favorite of mine. I listen mostly to music while I write, read, or while cleaning the condo.

    As for loneliness, well, good friends are a must, however with so many different schedules, it's sometimes hared to get together ... that's where BLOGGING has help fill my void. HERE, you will always find someone with a kind word and ALWAYS a smile and support. Just reading posts of other writer's and creative people and listening to their tales, ends my loneliness. This community is AWESOME and if you stick around you will feel the love.