Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

 Exceptionally for this week, I'm posting on Monday (but my Wednesday post this week will be up as usual on Wednesday evening).
Participating in Alex J. Cavanaugh's Genre Favorites Blogfest, I was asked to list my favorite genre of Movie, Music, Books.

So, let's see: 

Movie: Psychological Drama - I could very well say that Fight Club rocks.
Music: Rock/Pop - What can I say? Queen.
Books: Quite flexible on this, although I alternate fiction and non-fiction - I'd say, Swann's Way and The Name of the Rose for fiction, Memories, Dreams, Reflections for non-fiction.

And hey, I forgot about the Guilty Pleasure
Ah, a movie, book, or music?
Ok then: Chocolat!



  1. It looks like a lot of people included chocolate as their guilty pleasure, so you won't be hunted down--tonight. ;)

  2. There is a movie I like called Chocolate, but it is a martial arts movie. :)

    Queen is definitely one awesome band! Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely one of my favorites from them.

  3. Hey, Jay,

    We have a few similarities ... LOVE QUEEN! I might not have mentioned it, but I do enjoy many types of music.

    Swann's Way .... an incredible read.

    And, dude, Chocolat ... please. What Italian doesn't live for Chocolate?!

    Hey, i just read your bio.. A New Yorker ... me too. Born and raised. (Live in Chicago now ... hate it want to come home.) I was in the arts for years. A model for fifteen and have acted as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. A variety of reading is good. Makes for a better writer.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  5. Oh yeah, love to listen to Queen.

  6. I like psychological dramas too, although they scare me :0
    Queen is amazing, of course!
    I haven't seen Chocolat yet but I want to

  7. Check out the archives on

    Near the bottom we have a fabulous interview with the author of Chocolat.

  8. Fight Club is such a great movie! I love chocolate, too- but haven't seen the movie. :)

  9. Hi, Jay. I'm still working my way through the list, as you can see. I had to stop and say hello since you gave the Queen shout-out. As fate would have it, I worked out on the treadmill this week to their music for two days straight. I had forgotten how many great tunes they had.
    Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the acting and everything else.


  10. Queen is great. I keep adding to the mental lists of favorites I should have picked.

  11. Thank you all for visiting and becoming followers!