Sunday, August 12, 2012

To Rome With Love

The most disappointing Woody Allen movie ever. I thought Bananas was the worst one before seeing To Rome with Love.
The expectations were fully met, though: when the Europeans scoff at a Woody Allen movie and the Americans love it, you’re sure your money is going wasted.

The script is simply lame. Not a single line to salvage, not a single gig.
The Italian actors suck; the American are nothing better. The acting of the Italians is exaggeratedly enhanced. We’re not simply talking about the typically Italian way to overuse their body language; this is pure abuse, not to mention the absolutely unnatural and unreal way they speak, offering poor imitations of Woody Allen’s idiosyncrasies. Benigni is the only exception.
The acting of the Americans is pure mediocrity. The presence of Woody Allen in the cast serves as a weak filler to the many gaps the movie has.

It was back in high school when a verse by ancient Greek lyric poet Pindar expressed what I thought was an obvious truism. I can’t recall the exact words he used but, talking about artists, he stated that a genius can never be mediocre; he can either produce works of lofty heights or pieces whose low quality can only be termed garbage.
Woody Allen lately reached his highest peaks with Midnight in Paris, Whatever Works, and Hollywood Ending, without mentioning his earlier films.
To Rome with Love, abiding by Pindar’s statement, is merely garbage.

Have you seen To Rome with Love?
Which is your favorite Woody Allen movie? 



  1. OMG! I saw this movie last night. I agree with you when you say this is not one of his best films. I also agree that Benigni did a good job, well, he is Benigni. Penelope Cruz did a fantastic job given that she had to speak Italian the whole time (her accent was not bad at all). I was, however, disappointed with Ellen Page's performance. She was annoying at best. I also agree that the storyline is not the greatest but it's okay. Overall, I found the movie entertaining. My husband and I laughed a lot. In fact, I heard a lot of people laughing in the theater. There's a film (I can't remember the title) that I absolutely hated, perhaps it's "Bananas" and I thought that was one of Allen's worst. But to be fair, I enjoy most of Woody Allen's films. I love "Manhattan" "Matchpoint" "Hannah and her Sisters" "Mighty Aphrodite" "Crimes and Misdemeanors" to mention a few. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like this movie. I enjoyed it because it made me laugh and because it was filmed in Rome, one of my favorite cities. ;)

  2. "Love and Death" was a long-time favorite; I should check to see if it's stood the test of time. We thought the staging of the Italian tenor singing in the shower was especially funny because it is such a perfect spoof of the Eurotrash opera productions which are taking over in America too.

  3. I liked the very early Woody Allen but lack the patience for films that depend on the 'Emperor's new clothes'. Thanks for the warning.

  4. Oh, I've been wanting to see this but now I'm hesitating! I've seen a great deal of his movies, but I loved "Manhattan Murder Mystery" best. I know it's an odd pick, but I loved the dynamics of Diane Keaton and Allen in it. My husband, a film elitist, loves "Annie Hall", of course.

  5. Midnight In Paris is probably my favorite Woody Allen film. I'm not his biggest fan. I haven't heard of this "Rome" movie so I don't know enough about it. If he had done an homage of sorts to Fellini that might have been cool. I guess I won't be rushing to see this one, but I never rush to see any movie anymore.

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