Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Lie or To Die?

2006 - Self-portrait
I like a look of Agony,
Because I know it's true--
Men do not sham Convulsion,
Nor simulate, a Throe--

The Eyes glaze once--and that is Death--
Impossible to feign
The Beads upon the Forehead
By homely Anguish strung.

Emily Dickinson

And so, I, too, would rather choose Death than lies.
Wouldn't you?


  1. Nice. Lovely words. Quite dramatic, too... I definitely agree... too bad it's so easy to be human and we make mistakes...

  2. Choose death rather than lies? Hmm. I can live with lies

  3. After a while your whole life becomes a lie because none of the meaning stays the same. I doubt if I'd kill myself. Searching for the truth is a life process.

  4. Ok, just so we're clear: I didn't say death, I said Death. There's a difference between the two; the first one is literal. The second one is metaphorical.
    I wouldn't kill myself either!
    I was thinking about it more in terms of an extreme dichotomy; on the lines of Love/Death, To be/not to be, Odi/Amo...

    Lovely words, I agree, we should thank Emily Dickinson.
    Oh yeah, I think human is being contradictory.
    Thanks for visiting!

    On second thought, I think I can live with lies too :)
    But I'd rather live without lies.
    Thanks for commenting!

    So let's say that the truth of things changes.
    I wouldn't call my whole life a lie :)
    Thanks for stopping by!!
    I'll visit your blog this weekend!

    1. You gotta be careful there Jay. There's lots of religious nuts out there just waiting to drop a 75 pound King James on your head. Hope I didn't get any religious people upset and have them want to chop me up with machetes. I'm kidding. I'm kidding! I'm sorry. I was in a 'funny' mood and you gotta admit, its a dark topic.

    2. Dan,
      I know, I know. Fortunately, I am Mr Nobody, so I can say anything I want and nobody will care :)
      I like your funny moods though! Stop by when you're into another one!!

  5. I most definitely chose living without lies. Thanks for stopping by Jay. I'm following :)

  6. I'm a wimp! LOL!! I like shades of grey and not so black and white! But this poem is gorgeous! Powerful! Take care

  7. I would like to think that I would choose death but I probably would choose the lie. I think it would also depend on the circumstance of the lie but I have to say, I value life! :)

    1. Martha,
      No dear, that's too easy! Everybody would choose that! You have to choose either the one or the other, or my dilemma will end up in the sewer!

      I believe in shades of grey too; but sometimes those shades of grey are so dense!!

      Good luck!!

  8. WOW! That's a strong statement, Jay. I think we've all lived surrounded by lies since we were kids and we've learned to use them as well. By this I mean, little white lies your parents and grandparents told you, white lies you told your teachers, a little lie here and there you told your friend, your parents, or your boss, etc., etc. We all lie and it's inevitable, unfortunately. That doesn't mean we use them maliciously all the time (although some people do, and others it's part of their DNA because their compulsive liars).
    So to answer your question, I choose life. I can live with some lies as long as they don't kill me ;)

    1. Like Claudia, I'm a great believer in white lies, which are told in kindness and love, and in life. The moral high ground is admirable, and the stuff of great novels, but I can only look on from my fallible human position.

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  10. Claudia and Christie,
    It seems you're conjuring, you two.
    Look, I'm the king of white lies!! White lies are ok, sure.
    "How do you like the lasagna?" "It's particularly (crappy) delicious".
    I was talking about serious lies, the ones that destroy friendships, relations, Shakespearean, Byronic lies, the titanic ones, the ones that have the effect of a boulder falling upon you!
    But, I have to thank you for making the subject a little lighter :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Death seems so final! I mean, I've had the horrible effects of terrible lies seem like they ruined my life and certain relationships-- but things change, people grow up or move away, somehow it works out. Right? ;)

  12. Raquel,
    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your moderation and wisdom. I think you gave the perfect response: things change. I'm not really sure people do - not all of them, though - but I totally agree: somehow it works out, and time is the only needed variable.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Oops! typo :( sniff sniff, I meant to write: "they are compulsive liars" my brain can't catch up to my speedy fingers, LOL! ;)

  14. Claudia,
    I know, speedy fingers are a curse!
    Sometimes I re-read what I wrote and I just can't believe it was me writing it. So I blame it on my speedy fingers too!
    Look forward to reading your next post!