Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Star Dreams

Star dreams have always been "my thing" since I was a kid. Reviewing them, I discovered that my star dreams present similarities: they usually convey uncomfortable messages, and they happen whenever I'm going through emotionally overwhelming experiences.

My first dream involving stars had me gazing at them from a high platform on a solitary night. Suddenly, some of the stars - which we all know are fixed dots on the vault of heaven - forming a constellation quickly line up in the sky, creating a pattern that I had referred to in my diary as chained stars for lack of a better term. I remember waking up in utter terror. I interpreted it as a change in the order of things inside of me. So, I titled my dream Novus Ordo Siderum.
More recently, I've dreamed of one very bright star crossing the sky and falling to earth, causing an explosion. The star is followed by the moon, which also crosses the sky and falls to earth. Another explosion, this time, generates a violent shock wave that quickly destroys everything on its path, vanishing a few inches from where I'm standing. Again, I was perturbed when I woke up.
A few nights ago, I've dreamed of a group of celestial bodies similar to the Pleiades. I knew they were the five planets that, in this period, are visible in the night sky: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. In the dream, I decide to have a better look at them with my binoculars, and I marvel at the sight of a small circular system where the five planets are revolving around its center. Jupiter is the most spectacular one: a sphere with fluids and gasses gliding and shifting on its surface, making the planet's appearance constantly change.

Doing research, I discovered some notable examples of very similar dreams.
I'll mention three of them.
The Book of Enoch describes seven stars "chained like great mountains and burning with fire", to symbolize the seven fallen angels condemned to punishment. Enoch uses the same term I used: chained. I was in awe when I found out.
Lars Von Trier included in his two latest movies, The Antichrist and Melancholia, some pretty menacing star themes: in the first, the male protagonist utters in total fear "There is no such constellation" upon seeing in the sky a constellation that doesn't really exist. This symbolizes a disruption in the character's psychic order. Melancholia features the end of the world by a planet crashing against earth; the first apocalyptic sign of doom is the disappearance of a fixed star from its normal position in a constellation. Again, a rupture of the normal order of things.

This gives confirmation - like pschiatrist C.G. Jung discovered - that the symbols produced by the human psyche are related to the personal unconscious of a single individual; yet, they also reflect the collective cultural and mythological baggage shared by the whole human race.

Have you ever had dreams involving stars?



  1. Fascinating. I too have a rich dream life. When I was younger I kept a dream diary, but now I no longer bother. Just enjoy them when they come. But, to my knowledge I have never dreamt of stars. Earthbound to the core : )

  2. This is fascinating! I have, unfortunately, never dreamed of stars. My dreams involve long, dark roads fraught with danger. Let me tell you, it keeps me on my toes! Kay

  3. This is interesting. I don't dream very often and when I do, it is never anything so specific as stars alignment. As a psychology major in school, I believe the subconscious works in us all (some more than others) but as a Christian I have to think that maybe it is the Holy Spirit working in us

  4. My initial reaction as I began reading was that it sounded familiar, as though I vaguely remember some star dreams. I definitely recall some sky dreams where the heavens seem to be burning with the clouds lit orange with fire. But not sure about the stars.
    Your description certain remind me of the Book of Revelations where a number of stars fall.
    Your assessment about "a change in order" sounds probable whether it be internal or changes happening around you or in the world in general. The fact that you awoke in terror I'm sure indicates that your mind made a foreboding interpretation to it all. The question is what did your mind see or sense?

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  5. I have never had dreams involving stars but I have always felt as though my dreams meant something. The craziest ones usually occur during times of emotional stress. THey often include loved ones who have passed away which has been said to be a "visit" from that person. That always brings me some comfort. I used to write down all my dreams right as I woke up. I haven't done that in a long time. I need to keep that pen and paper at my bedside again! Very interesting post Jay!
    PS . . . . thanks so much for your comment on my graffiti post last week!! So happy you like that piece! :)

  6. I wish. I find stars very soothing. I do work at an observatory in the summers though, and it's my favorite place on Earth--a place of rejuvenation and peace. I read two lay lines pass nearby, so perhaps that's why I feel that way there. And gazing at the heavens for hours on end through the telescopes...well, I love it. I can't wait for the end of May. I miss it.

    Interesting dreams. I dream about stress and being overwhelmed a lot. I'm sure that's what the crawfish invasion represented.

    1. Several years ago I had a terrifying dream that woke me with a start, that the earth had just shuddered to a stop. I felt a sense of enormous loss, of sorrow and regret. Interesting how fundamentally disturbing all of those images you mention are. And earlier this month I wrote a poem about the cooling of the sun—which thought is devastating too. I hope the constellations become your solace again soon, and stop writhing themselves about!

  7. Interesting yet eerie post, Jay. I love stars. When I was a child I used to star gaze with my nana. I think I learned to appreciate the sky and the constellations thanks to her. However, as much as I love them, I don't like them in my dreams. I feel somewhat frightened because their meaning are not always positive. Yes, you're right; the meaning is very individualistic and cultural. I guess I'm a teensy-weensy superstitious ;)

  8. Very nice dream analysis! I dream stars frequently. I can be near them in my flying dreams, so I always see them as positive and uplifting dreams. I always wake up in happy anticipation after star dreams! It's so interesting to see how differently people approach similarly themed dreams.

  9. Lass,
    I wonder who The Stars are!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

    I write all my dreams down. When I don't, I tend to forget the details as time passes.
    Keep enjoying your dreams! It's well worth it!

    Long, dark, and dangerous roads can be scary too! Use a flashlight next time!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    Hi Heather,
    Did you know, probably you also have a rich dream life; it's just you don't remember when you wake up ;)
    Maybe you're right, maybe it's the Holy Ghost. After all, how many times does the Bible refer to dreams? Think of Jacob's dream of the ladder, or Joseph's interpretation of the butler's and the baker's dreams in Egypt, before which he said to the two men: "Do not interpretations belong to God?".
    Thanks for your insight!

    I had totally forgotten about Revelation. I will go read it again this week and see if I find similarities.
    I know for sure that this novus ordo is taking place inside of me. I wouldn't really speak of forebodings, but of symbolic warning messages.
    Your tip about Revelation was precious!
    Thank you very much!

    You're very welcome, Cathy! I loved your graffiti art work!
    About the dreams, of course they have meaning!
    I also dream of people who have passed away sometimes. I know that, most of the times, my unconscious was trying to bring a message up to the surface through a symbolic use of someone who has deceased; yet, a few times I felt like the message came from elsewhere. Like you said, it also gives me comfort to think that.
    Thanks for commenting!

    Maybe you don't have star dreams because you spent twelve of your waking hours in a place filled with stars, and you're surrounded with stars, and you watch them with huge telescopes!
    One of the most beautiful star clusters I've seen is Jewel Box. You can't see it from where you are, but you're closer to it than I am; say hi, then!

    Your dreams are extremely interesting. The earth shuddering to a stop is certainly a ghastly dream to have!
    Did you know that a few days ago, instruments and telescopes photographed a huge and dark patch on the surface of the sun with the shape - a quite precise one, in fact - of a triangle? A cooler area on the sun's surface which raised prophecies of doom and catastrophe!
    Thanks for visiting!

    I love stars too! When I look at them, I truly marvel at how beautiful and complex the Universe must be.
    In my case, I know that their meaning was not negative. They were merely trying to tell me to be alert, because something is happening and it might not necessarily be a good thing.
    But being a bit superstitious does no harm anyway!
    Thanks for stopping by, Claudia! Have a great week!

    Hello Raquel,
    You're right, as dreams are related to each person's individual background, similar dreams have necessarily to be interpreted in different ways!
    I'm glad star dreams uplift your spirit! I wish you to keep having those dreams!
    Thanks for visiting!

  10. Unless it's about Megan Fox or Mila Jojovitch, I never dream of stars, and I spend a lot of time looking at the sky. I often dream of swimming through the air, but I never get much higher than a telephone pole. I do dream of being in the black of space, but never see stars. I had to quit paying attention to my dreams. They made no sense what so ever, but I do love the stars, especially when I go to the mountains or the desert.

  11. Dan,
    Mila Jovovitch I understand, but Megan Fox???
    You quit paying attention to your dreams... hmm, I do not quite approve of that (in a joking way, that is); but I hope you haven't quit enjoying your dreams, and let them influence your mood! Especially when you dream about Mila Jovovitch :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. "The future is for those who know how to dream'
    A. D'Addese