Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Get Back to Business

Although sometimes we might still forget to write 2012 instead of 2011 when we date a postcard, a document, or a letter, being in 2012 is no longer news. After all the big fuss, all we know is we need to roll up our sleeves, drag ourselves out of our post-holiday depression, and get back to work.
Just like every beginning of the year, the problem is that we are always a bit disoriented about where to take it back from.

Some Hollywood big shots decided 2012 should give them new thrills. So, actors such as Denzel Washington, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, and many others ventured into new or classical Broadway stints; Times Square is wrapped with posters and technicolor billboards advertise their shows just everywhere.
Smaller fries, instead, have to sigh out of their comfort zone and put themselves back in the business.

Here’s a quick list of a few things you can do to gradually get yourself back to brass tacks:

1)      Tell your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and whatnot that you’re back! 
2)      Use your holiday experience to find elements to work on. 
3)      Put down a small list of goals to accomplish by the end of 2012, making sure they are feasible and falling within your current possibilities. 
4)      Remind yourself that what you are doing is the best thing you could do for yourself.  
5)      Dedicate at least one hour of your time per week to business: sending professional postcards, contacting agents, giving out business cards. Doing business is just as necessary as refining your skills.

Personally, I favor a gradual return to riding the waves, holding onto the holidays atmosphere for a while longer.

Do you usually suffer from post-holidays depression and need your time to put yourself back in the business?
Or do you usually prefer not to linger a minute more in useless idle?


  1. I think it doesn't need to be too much of a letdown if you don't give up the essential things like stargazing, taking time to reflect. What a lovely post. For me, I get to work at something different, in a new locale, which helps--the way we used to get to study fun and out-of-the-ordinary things in January Term in college. But on the other hand I'd much rather be outside, with a notebook...

  2. Dear Christie,
    You're right. I'd never give up stargazing. Like you said, there are essential things simply can't be left behind.
    I'd rather be outside too!
    Glad to see you began 2012 with the right pace!

  3. When you're actually acting, Jay, does that feel like work? Or is it more pleasurable, more rooted, like writing?

  4. Hi Jay,
    I don't think I suffer from post-holiday depression at all ;) In fact, I'm glad the holidays are over. Believe me, I'm not a scrooge. I do love Christmas and what it "really" represents. I just needed to take care of business and the holiday schedule was not helping me at all. I just wanted 2011 be over with. Wishing you much success in 2012!

  5. Dear Christie,
    oh, it definitely is more pleasurable. Yes, like writing. Yet, it is to me an extremely important thing I do for myself and for those who watch me. This means I have to take care of each single detail, be professional, punctual, reliable, and skilled. On second thought, it is a bit like work too, but a kind of work I love and would never stop doing.
    Your question was very stimulating. Thank you!!

    Dear Claudia,
    I have to confess I do do suffer from very light post-holiday sadness! Holidays are to me the occasion to relax and let the nicest atmospheres enshroud the whole of me. You're right, though. It's extremely difficult to take care of business during the holidays. It's good holidays are over as long as we do what we like.
    Have a wonderful 2012 too!

  6. Excellent advice. Wonderful ideas...I especially love #4. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Brit.
      I think #4 is the most important one!